Friday, August 26, 2011


There is one thing many couples come in saying and I am sad to hear. 
It goes a little something like this...
"I want my invitations to be beautiful, but people are just going to
throw them away so they don't need to be anything special*". 
I am making up the anything special* part.  What they are really saying is that they
don't want to spend too much on something people aren't going to keep, but alas what
I hear is that this part isn't so important. I say, what isn't important about setting the
tone for you wedding day?   The fact is, yes, a lot people will throw it away (hopefully
most will recycle them these days), but that doesn't mean these announcements of what
will hopefully be one of the the beginning of a life long commitment of love,
friendship & family shouldn't be anything special!

I think that is why I started this business. When I look back at my reasons I tend to focus on the fact that I had just had a new baby and was leaving my full time job and looking for a way to possibly make a little extra income, be my own boss, set my own hours and be creative all at the same time.  But another very important reason was because I kept receiving these plain jane invites, that were clearly just chosen out of a book with no sense of the couples style. This may sound strange to some, but I felt, and still feel, a calling to announce couples wedding with style, be that with different fonts, bold colors, or different graphic art. I even enjoy the mundane task of printing envelopes (just got a new enormous home printer, ask my husband what my new favorite thing is and he'll tell you)! That's how I know I really love my job!

So I charge you with this, whether you are designing your invitations through me
or another designer, inquire about little things that might
set your invitations apart from the rest. 

Adding a pocket, petal or gate card is always a nice touch.

Add an envelope liner (my personal favorite) and contact Tobe Reed to hand address your invitations. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

an {almost} YEAR in review

(poster in tribute to my 2011 wedding season)

I know what you are thinking, it's August Allie, but it feels like my season is coming  to an end and without any sort of a break a new one is beginning!  

You may have noticed I really broke my promise of blog Tuesdays.  This is because I was working on 26(?!) summer & fall wedding projects.  Please forgive me dear friends. What a year, can I say that again, what an AMAZING year this has been for this little business of mine I started to keep my mind working and make a little extra money when my sweet, smart, beautiful, (slightly silly) Audrey came into this world.  

Brought more business than I thought possible, 24 weddings.  That season I had just 2 brides who came to me for their save the dates as well as invitations.  In the first 16 months I was "in business" I thought I was living the dream! Doing something creative I loved and working with brides I loved even more.

With just 15 wedding projects, 2010 was a year of growth in business and in our family. I stopped advertising, in preparation in welcoming my hilarious, lovely, independent little Lini (otherwise known as the clown). After she joined us and I realized I could juggle my business as well as two little chicks I spent more time than I would like to mention investing in side projects, getting my name out there with shows, MoH and building relationships in the KC wedding vendor world.

Then a little month called November 2011 hit and... BOOM! I have not slowed down since! As it stands, I have completed 37 weddings completed, not to mention the 17 (yes, I said 17) freelance projects I have worked on, including 7 websites designed and MoH.  In a word, or more of a phrase, I'm tired.  

Until next Tuesday, or possible 5 Tuesdays from now, good night America.

(proudly hanging in my office, ready for new brides to glance at it)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

keeping you in SUSPENSE!

Way back in November, I blogged about Amy + Chet (see blog) and the options I was coming up with for their big day.  I know that my millions, sorry, billions, of faithful Bird is the Word followers have been sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to see what they went with.  Well, wait no more........drumroll please..........

Aren't they just so lovely.  If you look back at the old post, you will see we did go with one of the designs, changed the red to a pink, changed the size layout and softened the whole thing up a little and after a few rounds of paper proofs we had it!  
She had mentioned several times to me that she wanted to also have a poster created.  I wanted to relieve some of the stress for her, so I designed one with out her knowledge based on the invitations and gave it as a gift.

And they loved it and hung it at their reception! I have considered this being a gift to all my brides......we shall see...sorry to keep you in suspense again...

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

announce this BIZ!

Let me just start with saying, what a fantastic life I am able to lead.  Sure I stay up to late, over commit myself, even making myself sick at times, but doesn't that sound like the average person's life (if I am wrong correct me and I will go see a doctor).  But I do all this while working from home where I get to spend each day with my little girls, in my business casual (yoga pants and t.shirts), doing something I really love!  Now, I am sure some people may look at my work and think it isn't art, but it is creating with freedom and I just love it!

As well as creating invitations I love, I have done logos/branding and small projects for small businesses here in Kansas City.  This past January I was approached by 2 wedding professionals to help to brand their new business, "Mr. & Mrs. : Kansas City's Interactive Wedding Planning Headquarters".  Since promoting and opening their store last month, I have created several pieces for them, but this last project was by far my favorite so I just had to share!

As I mentioned, they are a brand new business and had just decided who they were going to do print advertising with, when those mags said their ad's were due pronto.  They came to me a few days before the add was due with a couple of general idea's sketched out, and said "Allie can you do this..."  my answer... ALWAYS YES!  Here is the end result...

This add, of course, would have never happened with out the girls vision, and the fabulous photography from
Christine May of Click Photography!
Look for this add coming soon to KC Weddings and the half page version coming to EA Bride.

If you are a small business owner who needs a little design work done contact me anytime!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Custom vs CustomIZED | 2 winners!

Haley and Joey came to me back in the fall to discuss invitations and save the dates for their summer wedding.  Haley had a very specific vision.  The moment she sat down to look at samples, she spotted the exact peony silhouette she had been looking everywhere for!  I can't tell you the feeling I get when I hear a bride say "I have been looking everywhere for _________ (fill in the blank)! And haven't been able to find it until now!"  That is what I do this job for!  I absolutely love bringing brides visions to life, I'm getting a little fired up just writing about it now!

After playing around a little with the peony silhouettes and changing and rearranging fonts we landed on these custom save the dates for Haley and Joey...

A few months after the save the dates went out, we started talking about the actual invitations.  We echoed the custom style set in the save the dates,  but tweaked the slightly by changing them from a vertical style to a horizontal one. I don't think it is completely necessary to keep your invitations and save the dates in the exact same style.  If you are going to change the style up keep with the original colors and maybe echo the fonts if using a photo in the save the dates.  Changing the styles too much will just confuse your guests! 

A few weeks after Haley had ordered her invites, Annie and her mother came in for a consult to discuss her invitations and fell in love with Haley's design! Annie's invitations are a perfect example of customizing my designs.  With a little tweaking of the colors, wording and layout of Haley's design we were able to make the perfect invites to suit Annie's big day!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

BUSY buzz buzz

Holy SMOKES! Last blog was in Feb?! Do you know what happened?
Wedding season officially began...well officially it began in my wedding invitations world! And this year has blown me away! 22 completed weddings and 14 on the horizon!
The best thing about this crazy year so far is the fact that I have had some super fun clients who have allowed me to really have fun with their weddings.

First example: Melinda and Nick!
Oh boy, I can not even begin to tell you how much I love this couple!  I love the fun loving and laid back feel they are setting for their wedding.  I always say that the invitation is the first impression your guests are getting for your wedding.  What would you think if you received a beautiful, shimmery pocket in the mail and opened it to find this little gem hiding inside to greet you...

Melinda & Nick sent me a sample of this image they had found on the world wide web, and just like Annette Carey made a replica of Kate Middleton's wedding dress, I made a replica of the image she sent!  I drew the images in Nick & Melinda's liking, and created an invitation incorporating their wording & wedding day colors.  And one of my favorite touches...The RSVP card is a mad lib!  They have even mentioned creating check lists and crossword puzzles for their wedding programs! I don't think a couple gets more fun than Nick and Melinda!  Not only do these two love each other, you can tell they are really best friends at the core, and that is what is all about in my opinion!
The very best thing about my job is seeing the different couples, seeing their styles and getting to create such different pieces for everyone!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

crazy •® {CrEaTiVe}

I created my website, about 3 years ago and since then it has undergone 5 major look changes.  the last of which...

is the result of not liking the look i spent oh about 3 months creating :/ ...
I must admit it wasn't the design I wasn't happy with here, it was the way the page was loading.  It. took. for. EVER! I I was afraid of losing brides :/
Let's not even discuss how ugly the first several designs were! Ok, not ugly, poorly designed.

Here is here I am now...

Changing colors! Trying to keep some resemblemce of the designs...

We'll see if this sticks!  I love the bird and have to STICK WITH IT
After all, the BIRD is the WORD!
The chandelier is in reference to the one in my office where i consult with brides.  I love love love this image!

So am I crazy •® {CrEaTiVe} ?!
...probably A LOT of both...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

gracielle + brian = magnetic magic!

Here's another fun one!  I'm having a blast creating magnet options for Gracielle & Brian.  Great engagement photos really lend a hand in creating an overall great look!  These will be business card size and are a great little gift for your guests.  What do you think?

We've also talked about mounting the magnets onto a printed flat card, like you see below, so the magnet is sliding around in the envelope.
I am a fan of a snug fit when it comes to mailing.  Not too snug so that the outer envelope has to be torn to shreds, but it is a pet peeve of mine when the envelope isn't suited for what is being sent inside of it.  Caring about things like that is how I know I am doing the right job!

Monday, November 15, 2010

amy + chet

Occasionally I have the opportunity to create invitations for friends and family.  It just so happens that I currently have 2 cousins and a great friend all getting married in 2011 so right now I am in HEAVEN!  I like to take these opportunities to create new invitations based upon colors and trends they love.  Right now I am working on invitations for my friend Amy who will be tying the knot Valentine.  Here are a few words/phrases she used to describe what she was looking for: BLOCKY, MUSIC POSTERS, SHADES OF PINK & RED, MODERN, ARCH-LIKE.  Here is what I have come up with so far...

I know I've got a favorite!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

good earth


A few years ago while doing my first bridal shows I had the great fortune of meeting Ashley Hotka, a local florist who was also just starting out and trying to make a name for herself. For the last year I have had the opportunity to help design and develop her logo, design her business cards, adds and other promotional materials, and work with her closely as a follow member of MoH.  She is a pleasure to work with and SO talented!



Sunday, November 7, 2010


This spring I was invited into a preferred wedding vendor group in KC.
What a great group of ladies. I have been so privileged to develop the branding for this group, i.e. logo, website, promotional materials.
We just wrapped up our debut event!
Check out the photos by the talented Rebecca Peters Photography on our website under the events page!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Customized Save the Dates: Emily & Chad

I have a ton of templates on my website, but anything with a picture needs to be customized specifically for the couple I think.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Geoffy

I believe in practical gift giving. It's my brother's birthday today so I made him this practical poster because it involves two things he loves.

Monday, July 5, 2010

drop boleys, not bombs

This is post is long overdo.
This is the poster I made for my dad's birthday extravaganza...enjoy.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

tweet me!

i have recently joined twitter! something i swore i would never do! i think because i didn't really get it, and i still don't totally understand:/ but i thought i should swallow my pride and do it for my little business!
i would LOVE IT if you wanted to follow me! you can do so at
here is my first "twitpic"...

i have struggled for a while with the packaging of my product. my latest solution...ribbons, bows, and boxes. let me know what you think and how you want your wedding invitations to come to you! i LOVE feed back!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

never forget to give your host a gift!

hey all you brides out there!
just a reminder that your family and friends put a lot of work into the showers they are throwing for your big day so never forget to say thank you and bring a gift for them to your shower! It can be something as simple as a note, a flower bouquet or a bottle of their favorite wine! Anything will do as long as it is a THANK YOU!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Looking nice while you feel like ...

Graphic design isn't the only art I practice. I actually studied ceramics, and textiles in college. Then needed to actually make money, ha! Kids, if you are reading this take the fun classes but major in something that you can actually find a job in, I know that may not sound like much fun, but it's a reality check everyone needs.
Any way, point being, I also sew. I wouldn't exactly call myself a seamstress. I took sewing lessons and a child, worked in a fabric store in college and occasionally make pillows and curtains. I just really hate following patterns, some how when it comes to reading them my brain just stops working.
I am 36 weeks pregnant with baby girl Statler #2 and decided to make make (without a pattern) a delivery gown. I know a lot of people, my husband included, think this is silly but you know I JUST DON'T REALLY CARE:) It is nice to feel pretty when you are sweaty, uncomfortable, swollen, and trying to push a mellon through a key hole!